Liquid Lawn Aerator & Spike Aeration For Compacted Soils

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Lawn Aerator Products For Beautiful Green Grass All Year Round
Do you spend hours of time tending to your lawn and garden and still don’t see the results you’re looking for? Is mowing, fertilizing, and watering just not cutting it? While these basic lawn care practices are very important to the overall health of your lawn, you could be forgetting a key step in the process — lawn aeration. Aerating your lawn allows essential nutrients access to the soil beneath your grass, which in turn alleviates soil compaction and promotes the healthy growth of new grass.
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If you’ve struggled in the past with your efforts to create a beautiful and green lawn — the kind you see in Home & Garden magazines — is here to help. is the best online resource for all your lawn, garden, and fertilizer needs. Purchasing on our site is convenient, easy, and fast, especially if you have an account with us. Let us help you create the lawn you’ve always dreamed of with our premium selection of liquid lawn aerator and spike aeration products that we have for sale today!

Should You be Aerating Your Lawn?
One of the biggest questions we get here at is from homeowners asking if they should be aerating their lawn. Take a look at these statements below. If any of them apply to you, then you may be a perfect candidate for liquid lawn aeration.
  • Your lawn is heavily used. This includes lots of pets and children frequently running around (which contributes to soil compaction).
  • Your home is newly constructed. Oftentimes in new homes, the lawn is stripped, and the grass is established on subsoil.
  • Your lawn dries out very easily and feels spongy. This could mean you have an excessive thatch problem.
  • Your lawn was established by sod and thus has a soil layering. Soil layering disrupts drainage and can lead to compacted conditions.
If you nodded your head to any of the above scenarios, it’s time to buy a lawn aerator or use LazyMan Soil Doctor which is the perfect solution to liquid lawn aeration.
When and How Often Should I Aerate?
Most homeowners can get away with annual lawn aeration; however, if you fall into the category where your lawn is heavily used, twice a year is best.
In regards to when you should be aerating your lawn, the best time is when your grass is in its peak growing season. For cool season grasses, this will be early spring or fall; for warm-season grasses, this will be late spring to early summer.
When Do I Start Seeing Results?
After you’ve aerated your entire lawn with one of’s lawn aerator products for sale, you can expect to start seeing results in as little as 7 to 10 days. You will also be able to go longer periods of time between waterings and notice over time that your lawn is getting healthier and stronger every day. has everything you need — from quality seeds to plant in your garden to liquid lawn aerators for a vibrant and healthy yard. We are the seed and lawn experts and are proud to be your leading provider for all things lawn care! To begin revitalizing your yard and beautifying your property, contact us today!