Chocolate Flower Seeds - Berlandiera Lyrata Flower Seed

Chocolate Flower Seeds

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Flower Specifications

Season: Perennial

USDA Zones: 4 - 10

Height: 12 - 18 inches

Bloom Season: Mid spring to mid summer

Bloom Color: Yellow

Environment: Full sun

Soil Type: Adaptable to various soils, pH 6.1 - 7.8

Deer Resistant: Yes

House Plant: No

Latin Name: Berlandiera Lyrata

Planting Directions

Temperature: 60 - 70F

Average Germ Time: 30 - 90 days

Light Required: Yes

Depth: Lightly cover seed

Sowing Rate: 2 - 3 seeds per plant

Moisture: Keep seeds moist until germination

Plant Spacing: 15 - 18 inches

Chocolate Flower (Berlandiera Lyrata) - Start Berlandiera Lyrata seeds to grow this delightful perennial that is especially effective when grown in mass groups. Berlandiera Lyrata Chocolate Flower is unique and will win the admiration of most any gardener! Chocolate Flowers are night time bloomers, and their cocoa scent is strongest in the morning hours.

Fragrant edging plant

Chocolate Daisies have a rather airy growth, and they make a nice informal edging plant. Berlandiera is most impressive and most fragrant when planted in groups.

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How to grow

How To Grow Chocolate Flower From Seed: Start Berlandiera Lyrata seeds directly outdoors once frost danger has passed. Prepare a seedbed by loosening the soil to a depth of about 8 inches and removing all weeds. Lightly cover the Chocolate Daisy seeds with soil and keep the flower seeds moist until germination occurs.

The Chocolate Flower plant starts out small, but each spring the crown grows larger and the plant can eventually spread to about 24 inches across. Thin the seedlings to about 18 inches apart when they are several inches in height. Care of the Chocolate Flower plant includes removing spent flowers to encourage continued blooming, and cutting the entire plant back in the fall after blooming is finished.

  • Sowing Rate: 2 - 3 seeds per plant
  • Average Germ Time: 30 - 90 days
  • Keep moist until germination
  • Attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds
  • Depth: Lightly cover seed
Berlandiera Lyrata seeds

Flower Specifications

The Chocolate Flower has a 2-inch, vibrant yellow, daisy-like bloom that has maroon undersides and chocolate-colored stamens. It's often called Chocolate Daisy, and it enjoys a position in full sun and has a long bloom season.

  • Height: 12 - 18 inches
  • USDA Zones: 4 - 10
  • Season: Perennial
  • Deer Resistant: No