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Have you been searching the web for a place to buy affordable fertilizer for sale? Whether you need fertilizer for your lawn or garden, or you’re searching for the best liquid fertilizer for your growing vegetables, we have what you need here at LazyMan Soil Doctor 10-3-6 can be used for a variety of different applications including: lawns, flower beds, garden, fruit trees, golf courses, parks, etc.
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Along with the LazyMan Soil Doctor 10-3-6 fertilizer, we also carry fertilizer that can be used for close-mowed turf. This fertilizer is great for avid golfers who have at-home putting greens as well as for those who manage the maintenance of golf facilities. With our greens-grade putting green fertilizer, you don’t have to worry about your golf game being affected thanks in part to the premium-grade fertilizer granules which break down into soil easily. If you have turf that needs to be mowed very short, this is the product for you.
If you’re the type of person who is a serious DIY landscaper, is the best choice. Not only do we have a plethora of seed categories for you to choose from, but our traditional and liquid fertilizers for sale help promote healthy, beautiful lawn and grass for your property. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of fertilizer we have for sale.
Best Lawn Fertilizer Products For Sale Online
The latest product in lawn renovation is the LazyMan Soil Doctor with 10-3-6 liquid fertilizer. This liquid fertilizer product combines liquid aeration, lawn dethatching, lawn fertilizing, and soil condition into one simple-to-use spray for your turf, vegetable gardens, flower beds, and much more.
When you are looking for an easy and economical way to aerate your turf or grass, the LazyMan Soil Doctor is the way to go. Since this product is a high-quality liquid polymer mixture that loosens and aerates compacted soil, you can feel free to use it on heavy-traffic areas or where plant growth is difficult to maintain. After the lawn aeration is complete, the detaching portion of Lazy Man Soil Doctor allows for better water and oxygen penetration within the soil.
Not only is the Lazy Man Soil Doctor formulated to aerate and detach, but it can also condition soil as the liquid fertilizer portion biologically enhances soil health and plant nutrition. Since this product is environmentally friendly, it is safe to use around animals, pets, and people.
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For customers who need fertilizer for putting greens, tees, and close mowed turf, the 18-4-18 Type-A fertilizer is the right choice for you. This fertilizer contains a patented dispersing granule formula that is perfect for use on putting greens. The 18-4-18 fertilizer also supplies a high level of potassium from potassium sulfate for soils low in this nutrient. Always be sure to store greens fertilizer in a clean, dry place.
To learn more about our lawn fertilizers, lawn aerators, and other affordable seeds and supplies, be sure to contact today!